About Us

In March 2020, we were blessed with our second child. We did not know that days later when we left the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, our city would be shut down for the foreseeable future. My husband’s industry came to a screeching halt, our older daughter’s day care closed and we spent the next three months on family maternity leave. It was a beautifully stressful time. When we began to explore beyond the walls of our home, masks had become required in all indoor areas and some outside venues as well.

With a newborn and a toddler, we were super attentive to how others around us were adhering to protocols. Although many people were attempting to wear masks, we noticed that people were wearing them incorrectly. Masks were down under the chin or sitting below the nose. We knew this was a problem we could help solve, while also addressing the tension and anxiety around masks during a global pandemic.

We created N-HALE Mask Necessities to provide high quality, affordable mask aromatherapy and mask organization to people like us. We want to help you keep your masks clean and easily accessible. A clean reusable masks should be readily available in your home. Although we don’t sell masks, we create tools to help make this possible.

Not everyone is balancing a newborn, a toddler and an ever-changing job market, but we are all striving to be our best selves. Our goal is to thoughtfully create essential oil blends that relax, energize and inspire. Join us as we continue to innovate fragrances and tools to thrive in the new normal.